infographic 9 questions you should ask your in home dog boarding provider

 It seems so nice. Leaving your dog at someone’s house (an in-home boarding provider), instead of a “kennel” or facility. They have couches. And will be run by a very nice person who has good intentions. They might tell you they are cage free. And that they will treat your dog as if it were staying in your own home. But the reality may be very very different. Right now, anyone who lives in a house, apartment, condo who LOVES dogs can list on a website that they have a space for your dog in their home. ANYONE. This does not make it LEGAL or SAFE, especially for your dog. You may want to ask yourself some questions about how much you know about these people and their often very ILLEGAL/UNLICENSED and UNPERMITTED in-home boarding operations. There are reasons that properly operated boarding and daycare facilities have to declare to their city and/or county that they are taking care of people’s dogs. Because this is a serious business. It is NOT a hobby. These are precious beings we are talking about.  If someone is charging you a fee to care for your dog, they are a BUSINESS. If they are operating a business without the proper permits, which they ALL are if they are doing this out of a home in a city, then you are putting your dog into jeopardy. Questions to think about: Do they have fire suppression and prevention systems that are connected directly to the Fire Department in case of an emergency? Do they have a KNOX box installed in the case of law enforcement/fire department’s need to enter? What are their cleaning protocols? CAN they sanitize and disinfect absolutely every surface, every day? Is bedding washed DAILY? When this person is doing NORMAL DAILY LIVING things like shopping for food, going to the post office, picking up/dropping off kids to and from school, going to medical appointments, WHAT IS YOUR DOG DOING and with WHOM?? HOW are they sanitizing outdoor surfaces? Like grass that might have bird, rodent, cat and other dog feces remains in it. This is ok in your yard. This may not be ok in a yard that so many other dogs are pooping (yes, pooping) in. How escape proof is their outside area/yard? Have YOU checked every inch of the fencing? We routinely find dogs in the Gilroy area who have escaped from their own/neighbors/friends and in-home boarding situations.  Are you prepared for the dog that has escaped to be YOURS? Do you know if these people have criminal backgrounds, or not? Like the true story in Texas last year where the providers were arrested for drug dealing, and the clients’ dogs were LEFT in the home for DAYS??

  We promote going to a LEGAL boarding/daycare facility. NOT illegal in-home boarding providers.

 Ask the questions. Make sure your provider is LEGAL, not ILLEGAL.

Your dog’s life depends on it.

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