5 Types of Dog Boarding Choices

Going on vacation? Need to board your dog? There are many options these days for making sure your dog gets taken care of while you’re away – many of which prey on your immediate guilt over leaving your beloved dog behind when you can’t be with them. Of course you want the best care possible for your dog without all of the guilt that you naturally feel when you can’t be their caretaker. Here are 5 options to consider, or maybe reconsider:

5. Traveling With Your Dog

Are you traveling by car? Is your dog able to travel distances without getting carsick? What do you do with your dog while you are eating in a restaurant? Will your dog act territorial and lift a leg on furnishings in your hotel room? This is why many previously pet-friendly hotels and rentals are now restricting pets. There are many restrictions across the country now about leaving dogs in cars in the warmer seasons and this means you have a lot more to take into account while traveling with your dog.

4. Dog-Friendly Homes

Networks of people who are willing to watch your dog in their own home have been popping up. These people are well meaning, looking to make some extra money, and often have pets of their own. However, there are more than a few considerations, no matter how great the advertising looks. How will your dog get along with their dog, who is in his own territory? How will they ensure that your dog will be safe? And are they operating legally within their zoning restrictions?

See this post about the potential dangers of doing this: Legal vs Illegal Home Boarding


3. Friends & Neighbors

The most convenient option may seem to enlist a neighbor or friend to check in on your dog while you’re away. While this may appear to be the easiest and often the cheapest approach, it isn’t always the best idea. Friends and neighbors mean well, but they may not have the experience or enough time to devote to looking after your dog in the way that you would like, especially for longer trips. See the above link for more about the dangers of this.

2. Pet Sitters

There are many qualified pet sitters out there, and there are times when a pet sitter is an appropriate choice, especially when a dog is elderly and would do better to simply stay home. Keep in mind that most professional pet sitters have more than one client at a time, as they are taking care of multiple family’s pets every day. If you are expecting someone to be at your home all day and night, it will cost you an additional fee.

1. Professional Pet Care Facilities

High-quality dog boarding and daycare facilities, like Dog House Inn, have made significant investments in and are designed to provide exceptional care for dogs. This means that the facility owner has made significant investments in their building design, including security measures such as secure fencing. They also have invested highly in ongoing staff training, including pet first aid. These are the devoted pet care experts that run legitimate businesses and are committed to high-quality care. For you, the pet parent, this provides peace of mind while you’re away.

The vast amount of fun activities and interaction at a quality pet care facility creates a focus on fun and new friends for your dog, rather than worrying about “mom” and being left behind – they have so much fun! At Dog House Inn’s state of the art dog lodging facility, you can rest assured your dog will have a safe place to stay, play, and train while you are out of town. To book your pup’s reservation now call (408) 713-1366 or customize your reservation by completing our Dog Boarding Reservation Form.